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New micro HDMI connector for mobile devices

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HDMI spawned as the home cinema enthusiasts needed a new interface to transfer both audio and video between home electronics, but lately also between computers and monitors. Compared to DVI, SCART, Component and other common video interface HDMI is just glorious in terms of usability. A sole thin cable is the only thing needed to transfer audio and video between devices, but as portable devices like mobile phones and media players become more powerful the need for a mobile HDMI connector has grown.

A superslim HDMI standard has been presented as the answer to this. HDMI Type D uses a new connector that is only 6mm wide and 2.8mm high. About the same as the micro USB connector.

The good thing about the connector is that it uses all 19 pins which means it remains backward compatible with the bigger Type A connector.

The new superslim HDMI Type D connector will appear in the next HDMI standard that should be finalized in the first half of 2009 and pave the way for the HDMI interface to everything from mobile phones and car navigation systems.

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