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AMD finds Fusion APU demand almost overwhelming

fusionsAMD has had a glorious start on the ultramobile market with its Brazos platform. Its Fusion APUs is selling so well that AMD has had to increase its orders with TSMC to cover the damend that is currently higher than the manufacturing volume.

When AMD launched Brazos it mentioned 1 million shipped Fusion APUs shortly afterwards which showed great demand from OEMs and partners, a trend that is keeping and is putting AMD in a pinch.

To keep up AMD has increased its orders of the new 40nm circuits with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The availability for Ontario and Zacate Fusion circuits is already strained in USA and Europa, which will become unbearable as AMD is preparing to launch big in China in March.


Hopes are that TSMC can increase the volume of AMD's Fusion APU, sporting one or two Bobcat CPU cores and an integrated graphics circuit with DirectX 11 support.

Source: DigiTimes

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