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AMD in the red, but sales are still improving

amdAMD has released the fiscal numbers for the last quarters and even though it is quite different from Intel's recent report there are still a lot of positive things about the AMD's report. It made a loss in Q2, but the sales of both CPUs and GPUs have increased.

The loss was expected since AMD invested a lot of money in semiconductor foundry Global Foundries earlier this year. The loss of 43 million dollar was a lot less than the 330 million it lost the same period last year.

On the positive side revenue was up by 40% year-to-year at 1.65 billion dollar, which is a fraction of Intel's 10.8 billion dollar. Just like the competitor it was a record note for a second quarter and not surprisingly the success of Radeon HD 5000 played a big part.

The revenue of AMD's graphics division was up 87% compared to last year and this was a result of both better sales and higher prices. AMD shipped more than 16 million DirectX 11 graphics circuits over the last three quarters.

AMD stock went up 2.56 percent after the report was published.

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