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AMD preparing eight Bulldozer processors for 2011

bulldozer.dieProcessor maker AMD started 2011 with a new fresh launch of the Brazos platform and Intel's Cougar Point fiasco. The company has several more trumps to play though and new information suggests that AMD is planning to release no less than eight processor models based on the Bulldozer architecture in 2011, whereof four will be available in June.

AMD has set the launch schedule for Bulldozer and even if we have been hearing rumors of a launch in Q2 for some time it is now more or less confirmed that the first shipments of Bulldozer processors will start week 25. Exactly when AMD will present all details on the new architecture is still foggy, but apparently already eight models have been set for launch this year.

AMD is expected to launch four 8-core processors of the AMD FX8000 series, two 6-core moels in the AMD FX6000 series and two 4-core models in the AMD FX4000 series. Four the processors will be available in stores in Q2, while the remaining four will appear in Q4 2011.


AMD's first Bulldozer processors will launch under the code name Zambezi on the Scorpious platform and made with 32nm SOI technology. The processors will sport four to eight cores and DDR3 memory controller. The prcessors will not be housing any integrated graphics, unlike the mid-range platform Lynx.

AMD Llano backing up the mid-range in July

Closely after Bulldozer AMD will present the mid-range APU Llano. With up to four Phenom II-based CPU cores and integrated DirectX 11 graphics circuit the processors will launch as AMD Fusion A series and the company is aiming for 11 models in 2011.

Source: X-bit Labs

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