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Google orders 3 million Tegra 3 chips for Nexus 7 tablets


Google Nexus 7 has been well received thanks to its low price tag in relation to specifications and high build quality. The choice of processor fell on Tegra 3 and now Nvidia has reveived an order for 3 million chips dedicated to Nexus 7.

The uncovering of Nexus 7 resulted in what many were hoping for and it is expected to become the reference product for future Android tablets. Google and its manufacturing partner Asus decided to use a Tegra 3 processor, more specifically the most efficient version; Tegra T30L with four cores at 1.2 GHz with Turbo mode at 1.3 GHz and 12 graphics cores at 416 MHz.

DigiTimes now reports Nvidia has recieved an order for 3 million Tegra 3 processors that will be used in Nexus 7. At 21 - 25 dollar, this order totals at 63 to 75 million dollar. Previous estimates have pointed to between 3 - 4 million Nexus 7 tablets being sold before the end of the year, but we would not be surprised if the actual numbers will be higher at year's end.

Some of you can already buy it, we in the north have to wait a few more weeks...

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