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Haswell for ultrabooks gets 15 watt TDP with integrated southbridge


Intel's coming architecture Haswell promises more performance, but focus will still be on reduced energy consumption. The TDP specifications for the coming Haswell processors has now been revealed at 15, 37, 47 and 57 watt together with a powerful graphics configuration.

Haswell brings many news for notebooks, not the least for ultrabooks. With Haswell Intel will integrate the chipset into the same package as the processor and at the same time improve the graphics performance over Ivy Bridge with lower energy cosnumption. Haswell for ultrabooks will be specified to just 15 watt, which is nearly 30 percent lower than the Ivy Bridge platform with CPU at 17 watt and chipset at 4.1 watt.

Integrated southbridge will enable smaller motherboards and computers

It is still unclear how the graphics in Haswell weill perform, but there will be three different configurations; GT1, GT2 and GT3. Ivy Bridge currently has GT1 and GT2 configurations at 6 and 16 execution units and there are rumors for GT3 for Haswell, which means either 24 or 40 units. We know that Intel hopes to replace the majority of discrete graphics cards in the future, so even if the latter sounds like a big step it can't be ruled out completely. It is strill unclear if 15 watt processors will be GT2 or GT3 version of the Gen 7+ graphics architecture.

If ew look at the processors for ordinary notebooks they will go up in energy consumptions at 37 and 47 watt TDP with two or four cores. The southbridge will not be integrated into the same package as the processor, which will raise energy consumption even further.

Last but not least there will be an interesting configuration with 57 watt TDP. The processor will sport four cores and GT3 graphics, along with the rumored L4 cache that is dedicated to the graphics for better bandwidth. It is most likely this model Intel has been talking about when it wanted to replace discrete graphics cards in notebooks.

The Haswell architecture will according to CPU World launch in April next year, while the energy efficient model for ultrabooks will arrive later in the Summer between June - August. Even if this information is true today it can change at any time. Have salt.

Source: VR-Zone

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