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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770

We take a closer look at Intel's new processor flagship with everything from detailed power consumption tests to extensive overclocking. The most expensive processor on the market certainly has a lot to offer.

Intel is at it again. After the recent launch of its first 45nm and so far most extreme CPU, the QX9650, it’s now time for the QX9770. The logic behind the model numbering is questionable, but what’s new with this model is 400MHz FSB, which thanks to Intel's quadruple bus give us an effective transfer rate corresponding to 1600MHz. This is denoted by the 9770. The frequency has also increased to 3.2GHz (8x400), which is denoted by the second figure 9770.

Regarding the architecture, it’s still the same core as the QX9650, both are code-named Yorkfield. For more detailed information of the new architecture, we recommend our previous article which you can find via the link below.

:: Intel Penryn Architecture ::

We've also looked at what differences in performance one can expect from quad-core CPUs with a higher FSB, which is one of the differences of the QX9770 compared to earlier models. We will focus on comparing the QX9770 with the QX9650, running at their stock speeds, so for a more thorough analysis of the system bus we refer to this previous article.

:: Intel Core 2 Quad performance - FSB ::

We begin with a presentation of our test system and will then move on to the performance tests.

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