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Intel Core i7-3770K - Ivy Bridge and the 3D transistor is here - Video transcoding: Handbrake and x264 Bench


Developer: HandBrake community
Type of test: Popular application with open source code to convert videos.

Puts load on the CPU and other components through conversion of video files to other formats.

The performance test: iPhone 4 preset: 263 MB MP4-fil filmed with Galaxy S II in 17 Mb/s


Handbrake isn't the best optimized application when it comes to multiple threads, which allows Ivy Bridge with it's architectural improvements to place itself above even the Core i7-980X.


x264 Benchmark 4.0
Developer: Tech ARP
Type of test: Popular synthetic test suite
Comment: Puts load on the CPU and other components through conversion of a video file to x264.
The performance test: Built-in performance test


In pass 1 of x264 we once again see a good ranking for the Core i7-3770K, which can almost touch the six core processors territory.


But Core i7-3770K drops significantly in the heavier pass 2 test and lets the old six-core warrior, the Core i7-980X, to run past itself. The result is still the best within the quad-core processor territory though.

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