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Intel Core i7-980X retires

Intel's Extreme Edition processors often live a glamorous but short life. As the flagship they often offer something extra in the form of unlocked multipliers and additional CPU cores. But when a new model launches the old goes into retirement, and now the time has come for Core i7-980X.

Intel recently launched a new top model for the LGA 1366 platform and with the name Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition it brings tweaked frequencies, while the base is otherwise the same. There is only room for one Extreme Edition CPU on the amrket and Intel has therefore announced that it will stop making Core i7-980X in 2011.

You will be able to order it up until September 30th and Intel will be shipping up until March 9th, 2012.


Intel Core i7-990X Intel Core i7-980X
Node 32nm 32nm
CPU cores
6 (12 threads) 6 (12 threads)
L3 cache 12MB 12MB
Clock frequency
3,46 GHz (3,73 Ghz Turbo) 3,33 GHz (3,60 Ghz Turbo)
Power consumption
130 watt 130 watt

In Q4 2011 Intel will launch the new performance platform LGA 2011, which means Intel Core i7-990X may get an even shorter lifespan. Intel Core i7-980X can still be found in stores, but prices are the same as the new flagship Core i7-990X so sales shouldn't be that good though.

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