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Intel preparing 3 new 17W Sandy Bridge CPUs with better performance


Intel is preparing three very interesting models of Sandy Bridge for the mobile market with TDPs at only 17W. It has had a processor with similar TDP earlier, Core i5-2537M, but these three have higher clock frequencies and more cache.

Intel last week announced that it would gear up with its Atom series, which pleased OEM partners since the majority of Intel's mobile processors are around 25-55W, which are hardly good for ultramobile notebooks.

  Core i5-2537M Core i5-2557M Core i7-2637M Core i7-2677M
Cores 2 2 2 2
HyperThreading Ja Ja Ja Ja
Cache 3 MB 3 MB 3 MB 3 MB
Clock freq.
1,4 GHz 1,7 GHz 1,7 GHz 1,8 GHz
Turbo 2,3 GHz 2,7 GHz 2,8 GHz 2,9 GHz
HD 3000 HD 3000 HD 3000 HD 3000
Clock freg. 350 MHz 350 MHz 350 MHz 350 MHz
Turbo (Graphics) 900 MHz 1,2 GHz 1,2 GHz 1,2 GHz
Process 32nm 32nm 32nm 32nm
TDP 17W 17W 17W 17W

The new models are Core i5-2557M, i7-2637M and i7-2667M, and can be compared to Core i5-2537M found in Samsung's ultrathin 900X3A. The new models sports higher clock frequencies, and a lot higher Turbo Boost than was previously though possible at 17W TDP.

Samsung 900X3A

Alas, they won't come cheap. Core i5-2537M that is currently available costs over $200, but the new models makes it possible to get even better performance in a small format and better battery times. We are very eager to see how much Ivy Bridge will improve this, and not the least what AMD has to bring with its new processors coming next month already.

Source: CPU World

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