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Microcenter confirms AMD Bulldozer FX series launch date


Rumors of the launch of AMD's coming processor architecture Bulldozer has been circulating for long and have been turned out false many times. American computer chain Microcenter now confirms that it will start selling AM3+ and FX series processors on October 12th.

AMD has been extremely tight with information on Bulldozer. AMD stopped using the FX branding when Intel launched the Conroe architecture. The FX series was AMD's answer to Intel Extreme Edition, where only the best processors got to play. This was no longer true when Intel came back after the Pentium 4 era.


AMD intends to revive the FX with Bulldozer, and American computer chain Microcenter confirms to PCPerspective that it will start selling the FX series 12th October:

"AMD is launching their new AM3+ FX series processors on 10/12/11. We currently have a number of AM3+ compatible motherboards in stock. These motherboards will support the new AM3+ FX processors as well as legacy AM3 processors."

We got an exclusive scoop about the processor launching in October earlier and was then told the processor would launch in 4-5 weeks, which matches 12th October. It is also a date that has been circulating the rumor circus. We can safely say it is a date of most interest.

Bulldozer will bring up to 8 cores for retail, but with a CMT architecture (Cluster-based Multi-Threading) that allows two cores to share resources. This saves space, and reduces energy consumption, while not sacrificing much performance. FX-8150 is the rumored top model that will come launch day and bring 8 cores at 3.6 GHz that can do 4.2 GHz in Turbo mode. It will also get 8 MB L2 and 8 MB L3 cache.

Whether the re-introduction of the AMD FX branding is any kind of hint of the performance to expect we don't know for certain, but we are hoping for the best for AMD that has had to settle for the mainstream segment for a very long time now.

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