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Overclocking Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 - Conclusion

We are seeing many similarities in relative terms how this Core 2 Extreme processor is overclocking in proportion to the processors we've tested before, especially the P4 660. Intel is continuing to develop and improve their manufacturing processes and we can also see that even though spectacular improvements have been made in addition to a complete turn when it comes to performance per cycle, the processors still have a pretty large margin of frequency.

The purpose of this article was to give an overview of what one can expect from their Core 2 processor. The stepping of the one we tested is 5/B1 and is the direct predecessor to stepping 6/B2, which is the one that is available in retail boxes. When it comes to overclocking, there's not much of a difference from what we've seen around the net so far. One thing that we stated early was that our sample didn't belong to the crowd that overclocks very well. We've seen examples of several CPUs, even cheaper ones like the E6700 and the E6600, that exceeded our results by over 200 MHz in every level of cooling. As the processors are getting more and more common, we'll be able to make better general conclusions, but we still want to say that the results we've presented is on the small side of how well the Core 2 processors will perform.

The next logical method of cooling would be liquid nitrogen, and the attentive reader will remember that we've already overclocked this processor by those means in the beginning of summer, more specifically during DreamHack. What we can conclude from that session is that like previous processors from Intel, we won't really hit any aggressive obstacles concerning low temperatures. Our processor managed to take temperatures as low as -130 degrees Celsius, with some variations depending on the voltage fed to it. In other words, so-called cold-bugs is not a problem with these processors.

We'll continue to push these processors to their utmost limits here at Nordic Hardware, so keep an eye out for more performance results in the future! We also want to thank Intel for lending us the processors for this test.

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