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Three Sandy Bridge E models for LGA2011 in Q4

Intel will launch the new enthusiast platform LGA2011, or Sandy Bridge E, in Q4. New rumors claims that Intel will launch no less than three different CPUs and some will be priced as low as $3-400, which would make LGA2011 a lot more appealing to regular enthusiasts.

Intel is said to position Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, that launches in January 2012, in the mid-range segment and new rumors indicates that prices will stary about where Intel Core i7-2600K is today, which is around $300. 

Over that Intel's enthusiast platform LGA2011 will take over, but you won't have to get an Intel Extreme Edition. According to Fudzilla Intel is planning two toned down models that will replace hexa-core Core i7-970, but also an equivalent to Core i7-2600K for LGA2011. 

If this is correct things look promising for overclockers and enthusiasts that with LGA2011 can overclock their processors without the limitations of the LGA1155 platform. While Sandy Bridge E ships the integrated graphics processor it instead gets extra memory bandwidth with a quad-channel DDR3 memory controller, which is a lot more appealing to performance searching people.

Would Intel launch LGA2011 with processors costing between $3-400 in Q4 it will open up the platform to a lot more consumers, even though it will be more expensive than LGA1155, since both motherboards and processors will help increase the costs.

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