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AOpen EZ482 - Layout/Design cont.

The left picture shows the side that holds the PCI and PCI Express slots. It will be interesting to see how the air flow will be affected when a video card will occupy the PCI-E slot, considering that the CPU cooler's air flow will probably be completely blocked by the video card. But more about that later on.

The right picture shows the side where the CPU cooler evacuates the heated air. The chassis has two fans to evacuate hot air, one on the CPU heatsink the other inside the PSU.


The left picture shows two heatsinks, the larger cooling the Northbridge and the smaller doing the same with the Southbridge.

The PSU shipped with the EZ482 delivers, according to the specs, 275W. You might think that's a bit little, so it will interesting to see if that will mean trouble when we start testing. Especially as we are going to put a power hungry 7800GT in there.


The heatsink, that comes with the EZ482, is of ample size. It's made from copper, something that tends for good heat dissipation. The fan attached is proportionately large and that should mean that the noise level will be not so loud.

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