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AOpen EZ482 - Layout/Design

The AOpen EZ482 is pleasantly shaped with rounded corners and a chromed list on the front, all giving it a classical clean look. The one we have on the test bench is black, but it can also be had in silver. On the front we find, as we should, one 5.25" slot for a CD/DVD unit and a 3.5" slot for a floppy drive or an extra harddrive. At the bottom we find a little door hiding the front panel, which gives the possibility to connect USB, FireWire, headset and S/PDIF units.

On the rear are, except the regular connectors, the connectors for VGA and a Composite out. The built-in graphics on the EZ482 is based on ATi's X300 chip.


The EZ482's chassis is made of painted aluminum with amply sized punched holes to facilitate air flow inside the chassis. Practically the whole left side (when seen from the front) has punched out holes and on the right side they are grouped where the GPU fan draws in fresh air.

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