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CoolIt Domino A.L.C. - Closer look

The Domino A.L.C. box is also identical to the Freezone Elites box as far as colors, like most cooling system it has the specifications listed that we already covered, and a photo of the unit itself, but as we all know, it's what inside that counts, and this time you really get what you pay for. One thing I do have to mention is that CoolIt could have  found a better way to pack the Domino, the plastic they used was very thin and flimsy, and did not offer any real protection at all. Lets hope they pay close attention to the reviews,I am sure that I am not the only review that found this to be a problem

 The front of the Domino has a 2  1/4 inch x 1 inch LCD display that reports fan speed, pump speed  as well as coolant temps. The middle of the unit  has white capital letters spelling Domino A.L.C. at the bottom of the units right hand side you will also notice the CoolIt Systems logo. The fans high, med, and low settings are controlled my a push pin located  on the right hand side of the unit about half way down. All it takes is one push for each speed. We did have a problem removing the clear protective film from the LCD screen, the small tag for removing it  ripped off, and we had a very had time removing the rest of it, there was to much glue in the center as you can see by looking at the photo . The Domino come ready to be installed on a LGA1366 motherboard, all you have to do is  install the back plate.

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