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Interview with Asetek CEO André Sloth Eriksen

Asetek is a company that should ring a bell for anyone with at least minor overclocking experience. The company was founded on the idea of bringing advanced cooling to the ordinary user. We got the chance to ask Asetek CEO and founder André Sloth Eriksen a couple of questions about his past, Asetek and the future.

Asetek is best known for its enthusiast cooling products like the phase change cooler series VapoChill and the water cooling kits known as WaterChill. The key was always to make great cooling accessible to the crowd, make it easier for more the regular people to use more extreme cooling. It shouldn't take an engineering degree just to install a water cooling kit.

A while back Asetek made a conscious decision to move away from the retail channel and use its knowledge and IP (intellectual property) in a different way. The first step was to design the Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC), which has already been adopted by several OEMs and PC builders. The goal was to build an efficient, yet inexpensive cooler that would also be maintenance-free. Especially the latter is important for OEMs.

We got a chance to talk to Asetek CEO and founder André Sloth Eriksen and ask him some questions. Not just about how things are going at Asetek at the moment, but also about the past and his own personal view of what really happened, if he's keeping in touch with his roots and how it all started.

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  2. Interview with Asetek CEO André Sloth Eriksen
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