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Overclocking at Intel 2007 - Day 2 cont.

We were starting to get a bit annoyed by now as the system kept locking up now and then. The processor had a coldbug at somewhere around 155-160°C and we were constantly benching at temperatures within a few degrees of the coldbug. Robert was the one balancing the temperature of processor, and certainly did a great job, but there was something missing.

Sampsa decided to go and fetch some Heineken for us and all of a sudden things started to work. It's hard to explain, but when we started to drink more, the hardware started to cooperate. Even though Heineken is far from my favorite it seemed to get the job done so why stop? So to summarize, beer good, Coca Cola Light bad. I'm not sure what the others were drinking but I have a hunch that it wasn't enough Heineken.

We rebuilt the system and worked our way up again. The GPU frequencies was raised again and the processor was pushed up to the same frequency again. When the graphics cards were stable at 1050/950 MHz we decided to work up the sweat on the processor. It had been running at 5.2 GHz, but we needed more if we wanted to break Marcus' record. We worked up the frequency to 5.4 GHz on the CPU, 1135 MHz on the GPUs and 970 MHz on the graphics memory, and this resulted in a 3DMark 06 score of 28,054 points. The cards had been flashed with a new BIOS now because we wanted a higher GPU voltage, 1.4 V, which is why the screenshot shows a default speed of 1000/980 MHz.

The picture below (taken by Pekka) describes our feelings pretty well.

Throughout the day I kept contact with Marcus to check how he was feeling and perhaps get some advice from him. He was of great help and should of course be credited for in the results. In between questions he managed to squeeze through the entire eighth season of X-Files and when we were getting tired and thinking of going to bed, he was about to start on season nine.

We kept pushing, but after some lockups we decided that this is probably as far as we're going to get today. At the same time, Öjvind had been pushing his QX9650 to more than 4.6 GHz on air cooling and as much as 1.6 V! He was using two Radeon HD 2900 XT in CrossFire and actually had the second best 3DMark 06 score at the end of the day. The processor was was 3DMark 06 stable at 4551 MHz and SuperPi 1M stable at 4622 MHz, which resulted in a SuperPi 1M time of 9.812 seconds. The best score in 3Dmark 06 was achieved at 4.45 GHz with two Radeon HD 2900 XT in CrossFire (850/900 MHz); 22,578 points.

And then we have this just hilarious conversation that took place in the middle of the day when Stoolman came and asked for help overclocking Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire;

Stoolman: Did you have the bios on a USB-drive?
Sampsa: I have them on a Floppy
Stoolman: Ah, an USB?
Sampsa: No, a floppy.
Stoolman: A USB-floppy?
Sampsa: No, a floppy!
Stoolman: Like a floppy floppy?
Sampsa: Yes, a floppy floppy floppy.

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