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Overclocking at Intel 2007 - Day 3: Formula One and a new CPU

We slept until late on Sunday, with the exception of Sampsa who wanted to see the Formula 1 race. Unfortunately the hotel didn't carry TV6 so he set his alarm two hours earlier for no good. I take partial blame to this because I was pretty sure that the hotel carried TV6, I was wrong.

Öjvind waiting for the run to end and Sturla assemblying a new setup

We started day three by trying out a second Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650. The reason we chose to switch processor was that eventually we would have to pick one to take home, and we were two groups benching together. However we didn't have much luck with the second one, but we think it was because we switched to Sampsa's much sturdier pot and it seems it didn't get any real contact with CPU due to the capacitors around the socket.

Tom and Peter of OC Team Denmark. Tom was a bit busy...

Stoolman had started to do some Aquamark 3 benching with a GeForce 8800 Ultra and was able to break 300,000 points and reach 301,034 aquamarks. Last night after we had went to bed he broke the 8 second mark, 7.984 seconds to be more precise. He was able to improve this to 7.879 seconds when he got home. He did some single-card GeForce 8800 Ultra benches later on and was able to achieve 98,447 points in 3DMark 2001SE with the processor running at 5,377 MHz, and 30,662 points in 3DMark 05 with processor now clocked at 5,460 MHz and GeForce 8800 Ultra at 970/1270 MHz.

Alas, Robert and I had to leave a bit early. Robert had practice at 18:00 back in Linköping and I wanted to catch an early train since I had to be back in the lab early Monday morning. We had to leave by 14:00 since it's a two hour trip at best back to Linköping from Kista, worst case scenario it takes a whole hour longer depending on the traffic. But before we could leave we had to choose between the two processors. We knew that one of them was a gem, the other was still untested. I did my best to cheat, but failed (I'm lousy at it). Luckily the one we got home was a good one, but to be honest I sincerely hope that the one Sampsa got is just as good.

We were quite happy with what we had achieved during the weekend. I can imagine that Adam and Eve felt pretty much the same way when they were kicked out of Paradise as we did when we realized that we were actually about to leave this wonderful place and return home.

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