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Overclocking at Intel 2007 - Summary

The trip home went flawless. I decided to save some time by writing parts of this article on the train and beside me I had an elderly gentleman who peeked at what I was writing. Every time he made a glance he also made a surprised and almost startled face as if he was wondering what the heck have these guys been up to? It was like if he wanted to turn to me and say: "That's not normal..." And he would have been absolutely right about that.

I can't blame him for feeling that way. I've been trying to explain to my closest friends and family what I did this weekend but I just can't find any good layman's term for “overclocking a not yet released Intel Core 2 Extreme processor with liquid nitrogen in Intel's own laboratory and smashed the current 3Dmark 06 world record.” I just summarize it to “a once in a lifetime experience.”

It's really hard for me to explain how I feel about having experienced this. Last year I was one out of three blessed souls to visit Intel's lab in Kista. This year we were a few more with Sampsa, Pekka, Sturla, Peter and Tom, and Öjvind, but to be honest that only made it better. Thomas at Intel Sweden is looking more and more like a wizard.

Marcus was really down when he phoned me the night before the event and told me he had the flu. There wasn't much I could do, but if we're lucky there will be another one in a year or so, and I do believe that such an event will be even more special than this one.

Until then I hope you had a good time reading about our visit to Intel, because we certainly had a great time being there. We can't thank Thomas Melzer at Intel Sweden enough for his interest in overclocking, for arranging this event and of course being such a good sport when we kept breaking hardware and asking for more.

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