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Overclocking at Intel 2007 - The journey continues

My co-passenger tries to clam me down with some encouraging words that the train will most likely wait in Alvesta. I already knew that, but somehow it helped hearing it from someone else. Who ever you are, thank you for those calming words. I also want to apologize to the conductor for nagging him about how we were doing. Sorry. You were kind enough to tell me that the train would be waiting and that it would be right across from where we would be stopping so there's no need to worry or get stressed.

I still sprinted across the platform to the X2000 heading for Linköping, [”There's just no way I'm taking any chances here”] The train switching went fine. When we left Alvesta the conductor announced through the speakers that unfortunately we have to slow down north of here because the track is being repaired. [”Why SJ? Why today? On the single most important day of the year you decided to repair the track and on one of the only two tracks that I will be traveling on this very day? You knew I was coming right?”] *evil stare at the SJ logo on the ticket*.

SMS 3 to Robert: Had to sprint across to the next train ... :-) but damn it now I'm coming to you in about an hour

Eventually we got past the track repairs and the train could speed up and try to make up for lost time. Everything was moving on nicely, when all of a sudden the train hits the emergency brake! I opened my mouth and I was just about to shout something like: ”ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?”. But then I noticed that there were children sitting on the seat right next to me so I managed to control my feelings, a bit. Sorry about that, but I was starting to get a bit frustrated. SJ is usually flawless, but for some reason pretty much everything was going wrong today.

SMS 4 to Robert: Should be arriving in 10 min

SMS from Robert to Andreas: Goodie, I've filled up the dewars with nitrogen, so we're good to go

Eventually I arrive in Linköping and can meet up with Robert at the station. He had already been to AGA and picked up 50 liters of liquid nitrogen. We were suspecting that we would be the only ones with nitrogen so we were worried we would have to share ours, but we were wrong (we actually ended up borrowing some nitrogen from the Danes).

From there we travel to Stockholm and Arlanda to pick up Sampsa and Pekka. I've been wanting to meet him for a long time so I didn't really mind the detour to Arlanda. Sampsa called us on the way up and said he had found someone to share a cab with from Arlanda to Kista. This saved both us and our Finnish friends an hour of wait and travel.

Finally we arrive at Knarrarnäsgatan 15, Kista.

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