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Overclocking with ASUS at CeBIT 2009

Två av de mest välkända överklockarna i Sverige var tillsammans med ASUS på CeBIT och resultatet blev bland annat en kvartett Tri-SLI världsrekord och en unik guide för att spänningsmodda GeForce GTX 285.

Overclocking demonstrations have become quite common at various Live events around the globe. We at Nordichardware have been doing it for many years starting at DreamHack and there are especially two Swedish profiles that comes to mind here. The first is Robert "crotale" Kihlberg who has summarized his experiences in this article from CeBIT 2009, the second is overclocker ace Marcus "Kinc" Hultin. Marcus has a past here at NH, both as a writer and overclocker, but for the last year he has been working for component manufacturer ASUS.

Both Marcus and Robert have done a lot of competitions and Live events over the last couple of years and it was with ASUS as the sponsor that Marcus and Robert traveled to CeBIT 2009 with sacks of LN2 pots and computer hardware. In this article Robert will give us a closer look at their overclocking event and offer some unique material like an exclusive guide to voltmodding NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 285.

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