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Project World Record: DreamHack Winter 05 - Going home

After a successful event where we'd reached our goal with a large margin and some playing around with the remaining liquid nitrogen, it was time to start wrapping things up. While there still was someone from TechSweden to keep an eye on the booth I took the time to head over to NordicHardware and say good bye. Shortly after 08:00 (8 AM) I was alone in the booth. After going a long time without proper sleep, these were probably the slowest and heaviest hours I've ever experienced. Rasmus and Kristian, who I would ride home with, were still sleeping in the hotel, and all the others had packed up and left. When they had finally arrived and we were on our way at last, we wouldn't get far at all. About 10 km south on the highway, a few hundred meters after the "Where the Wheels Spin" sign, we lost the right-hand rear wheel of the car (Chevy Van 20), going at full speed. When it happened I was fresh awake, on the phone with Tobbe from Gainward. If I recall correctly I said something along the lines of; "I think we just got a flat, no wait, the whole wheel is gone". None of us were hurt, and we couldn't do much other than laugh at what had happened. Since it was a few degrees below zero, we took the chance to do some laptop benchmarking.

After about two hours at the side of the highway, a tow truck came and drove us back to Jönköping, where we could eat and warm ourselves up. After that a tow truck from Ystad came and took us all the way from Jönköping back to Ystad. A perfect ending to this adventure if you ask me, which makes it a little easier to remember.

We want to thank all those who came to visit us at Dreamhack, it was easily the coolest thing I've experienced in benchmarking.

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