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SCPC 2006: The winners

We've crowned Sweden's fastest PCs, but who are the people behind the systems and what kind of hardware did they use to take home the title of the fastest PC of 2006, this is something we investigate in our article about the winners of SCPC2006.

December of 2006 the fifth annual Swedish Computer Performance Championship was held here at NordicHardware. With prizes worth more than ever before, over $9,000, and looking back at last year's results our expectations were set high. SCPC2006 managed to more than well meet our expectations and the perhaps best of all was that we saw three completely different scenarios in all three categories. Now that the competition has ended and we've gone through all of the results and video verifications to validate the final top three we can now conclude the Swedish Performance Championship of 2006. A championship which introduced some new events turned out to offer some unexpected dramatics, especially the new main category Price/Performance. We will summarize the three categories and of course focus on our three Swedish overclocking champions and their winning systems.

We hope to offer you readers a better insight into what you need to create Sweden's best performing PCs and who managed to do it this year. We start by taking a look at the 3DMark category and two-time champion Marcus "Kinc" Hultin.

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