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SCPC 2006: The winners - 3DMark 06 - Marcus Hultin

The 3DMark category was upgraded to Futuremark's 3DMark06 and became a display of superiority by the two-time Swedish Champion Marcus "Kinc" Hultin. Kinc didn't submit the winning result until rather late in the competition but the world famous overclocker showed that you have to be a world class overclocker to be able to threaten him in the 3DMark category. This seems to have discouraged many of the other well known overclockers already before the competition began. But Kinc showed that despite he grabbed an early lead that he's constantly working to improve his scores. The winning result ended up at amazing 23,734 points and was a new world record. The result only stood for a few hours since the American overclocker Kingpin took back his record the very same day, but performing these scores while filming it at the same time is certainly impressive. At the moment this is still the second best 3DMark06 score, which pretty much says it all.

This winning result was achieved with the very latest hardware (what else?) and the detailed specifications of Kinc's system can be found below;

Kinc's winning system- 23 734 3DMarks

Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 @ 4920MHz
Processor cooling: Liquid nitrogen (LN2), Mousepot Rev.3 -110°C
Graphics card(s) : ASUS GeForce 8800GTX SLI @ 884/2200MHz
Graphics card cooling : Overklokk Dual Evap Cascade, -80°C
Motherboard: ASUS Striker Extreme
Memory: Corsair Dominator PC8888

That hardware matters in SCPC2006 is quite obvious, but you also need someone to pilot the hardware and push it to the very limit and sometimes past it to reach the most extreme results. We've had a chat with Marcus "Kinc" Hultin and tried to gather some more information about one of the world's best overclockers and his view on computers and what overclocking looks like.

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