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SCPC 2006: The winners - Percentual Overclocking - Robert Kihlberg

Just like the 3DMark category Percentual Overclocking is one of the two original categories and when the championship of 2006 ended Robert "crotale" Kihlberg held the number on spot, a man who is close to synonymous with SCPC and the percentual overclocking category. Robert managed to win his third title, an achievement no one has done before and the fact that Robert back in 2003 took home the bronze shows that there is certainly a lot of experience of overclocking. During SCPC2006 Robert took some time before he decided whether he should participate or not, but after that his younger brother Fredric "crusader" Kihlberg took home the Leadership prize of percentual overclocking with only a week to go there was simply no return. The Kihlberg brothers were untouchable in the SCPC 2006 and not even Fredric managed to stop Robert from winning his third title in a row. Even Robert didn't manage to break his own world record at 203% from last year he once again managed to push a 1.4GHz Celeron Mobile processor to more than 200%. The clock frequency stopped at mighty 4.2GHz and the percentual overclock finally stopped at 201%.S

Robert will go into the story books for grabbing his third championship title in a row and the system that made it possible was as follows;

Crotale's winning system- 201% overclock
Processor: Celeron Mobile 1400 SL6M4 (vid4 mod) @ 4219MHz
Processor info: 301MHz FSB, ~1.95V
Processor cooling: Liquid nitrogen (LN2), Chefnr1 CPU tube -185°C
Graphics card : GeForce Ti4600
Motherboard: Abit IC7-G (vcore, ovp, vchip, vid)
Memory: Mushkin PC3500
Power supply : OCZ 520W

Hardware is far from everything though, you need both a strong mind and skills to perform overclocking results like those Robert has submitted during SCPC2006 and it's time to hear what a three-fold champion has to say about his new title.

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