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John Carmack leaves Id Software for Oculus VR


Written by Carl Holmberg


John Carmack is one of the founders of game developer Id Softwares and is by many considered of the front runners in gaming. He has now decided to leave the company and take the role of CTO at Oculus VR, the company behind the kickstarter success Oculus Rift.


Pre-order: Video game console Ouya and up to four controllers


Written by Jacob Hugosson


Those who has missed to secure the tiny Android console to support the project with 99 dollar at, can now preorder it instead. The console has received wide support and is now available in three packages, with one, two or four controllers.


Android video game console Ouya collect $8.6 million, supported by XBMC


Written by Anton Karmehed

ouyaOuya is one of the more amazing success stories that started at and have after 29 days closed the investment round and continued its work with bringing the Android-based video game console to market. Ouya collected almost 8.6 million dollar and aims to launch in March 2013.


Diablo III and Starcraft 2: HOTS gets Global Play


Written by Jacob Hugosson


Blizzard does not only have their big upcoming title Diablo III on the way, but also the first StarCraft 2 expansion which should be released later this year. What they have in common is that they should get the much anticipated Global Play, but also several other functions that fans have requested.


id Software working with AMD and NVIDIA to solve Rage problems


Written by Jacob Hugosson

The new title Rage suffers from a lot of problems, including jumping textures, and is completely void of advanced graphics settings. id Software is now working with AMD and NVIDIA to solve the problems with jumping textures and tearing, and an update that will open up for advanced graphics setting.



























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