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6 mixed video cards - Albatron Gigi GeForce FX 5600 Ultra

It has been some time since we reviewed a card from Albatron and as we can see they have changed their design slightly.

Albatron Gigi GeForce FX 5600 Ultra



Manufacturing process:



~80 mil.


400 MHz

Memory speed:

800 MHz / 12.5 GB/s

Pixel Shader:


Vertex Shader:


Pixel Pipelines/Pixel Fillrate:

4 / 1600 MP/s

TMU's/Texel Fillrate:

1 / 1600 MT/s


(2) 400 MHz

Memory size:

128 MB

Memory type and interface:

128-bit, DDR-SDRAM

I/O connections:

VGA, DVI-I, S-Video


DVI-VGA-adapter, S-Video-composite adapter


5in1 Demo CD (AOWII, Max Payne, Zax, Beambreaker and Rally Trophy)

Fullversion software:

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project and WinDVD Creator (including WinDVD)

Estimated price:


Albatrons Gigi 5600 Ultra is a relatively “ordinary” 5600 Ultra. The clock frequency, outputs etc. follows the reference design exactly. In the software package we find a lot of demos and a full version of the game Duke Nukem Manhattan Project. Admittedly I am no game critic but to say that this game is one of 3D realms not so good ones would be to express it fairly nice. The demo CD with the title “Game Pack” contains five demos that admittedly all of them is quite old but should bring pleasure for an hour or two.
Included is also WinDVD Creator which helps to create your own media-discs and furthermore play DVD etc.



On this second revision of Albatrons 5600 Ultra there is a new cooling solution. I’m sorry to say that the fan causes a very high frequent annoying sound. Besides that the cooling does as it should and keeps the card cool.

As you can see it’s a pretty boring green PCB furthermore it looks quite destitute on the left side for some reason. Perhaps you could have pushed the components more together and make it a little shorter.


Albatron offers a pleasant accessory package. One demo-CD with five games, one full version game and WinDVD Creator and all the cables/adapters you will need on a DVI-VGA adapter .

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