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6 mixed video cards - Radeon 9600 XT AIW

The Mid end-card All In Wonder Radeon 9600 Pro, which can do everything and a little more. ;)

Radeon 9600 XT



Manufacturing process:

0.13-micron LowK


~60 mil.


400 MHz

Memory speed:

600 MHz / 10.2 GB/s

Pixel Shader:


Vertex Shader:


Pixel Pipelines/Pixel Fillrate:

4 / 1600 MP/s

TMU's/Texel Fillrate:

1 / 1600 MT/s


(2) 400 MHz

Memory size:

128 MB

Memory type and interface:

128-bit, DDR-SDRAM

I/O connections:

VGA, DVI-I, S-Video





Fullversion software:

- (Half-Life 2)

Estimated price:


All In Wonder Radeon 9600 Pro is, when it comes to 3d, a Radeon 9600 Pro but with 50 MHz faster memory. Still it’s not only the 50 MHz increase on the memory that makes this an interesting product. What this card has to boast with is its Video In and TV-turner abilities. Except for these functions this card has even MORE to offer.


AIW Radeon 9600 Pro is the first AIW-card that supports multiple monitors. Dual monitor support is something AIW-fans wanted for some time now and finally ATi does something about it. What already is a feature rich series has been even richer.

Remote Wonder II

The remote control has also been renewed since last time. The new control has a little more pleasant look, offers more programmable buttons and even better range. 19 metres is what should be enough for most people.

Last but not least we have two new functions on the card that are clearly of large interest:

Radio tuner: AIW 9600 Pro is by me the first graphic card with built-in radio turner. The functionality is as good as for the TV-turner and you can schedule recordings of radio shows etc. The sound quality is good and works as it should. Surely a nice finesse.

CD/DVD-recording: 9600 Pro is the first AIW-variant with build-in support for CD/DVD-burning. This function is very welcome and makes it easy to burn VCDs or DVDs from your recorded movies.

If I should complain on anything it is that ATi still haven’t build-in support for SVCS in its media player. (Funny enough their CD-burning program has support for SVCD, furthermore, it has finished profiles for SVCD-recording.)

The card cost roughly 250€ in store and then in most cases the game Half Life 2 will be included. In my eyes it’s worth the price even though I would like to see that the cards were 20€ cheaper. If it’s worth the price for you is hard to decide, how bad do you want all of its features? (If you’re not after the AIW function then this isn't a card you should look for)

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