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AMD cuts Radeon HD 7970 prices


We were expecting a price adjustment for Radeon HD 7970 at the launch of GeForce GTX 680, but AMD has been quiet so far. New sources suggest that AMD is planning a price adjustment of Radeon HD 7970 and more models will follow.

NVIDIA launched GeForce GTX 680 not too long ago and it turned out to consume less power than the AMD flagship Radeon HD 7970, while performance was slightly better. Hardwarecanucks reports that AMD was not intending to lower prices, due to capacity problems at TSMC, which meant that anything in stores was sold out anyway.

The availability of GeForce GTX 680 is improving, which has forced AMD to act. The current recommended retail price is at 549 dollar and exactly what the new price will be has not yet been entirely decided, except that it will be somewhere around 470 - 490 dollar.

The problem we see is that it will be very close to Radeon HD 7950, which in turn is not much more expensive than HD 7870. So the result of this first price cut should cascade and effect the rest of the cards in the HD 7000 series. NVIDIA is planning new cards in the lower price segments, so the price war is very much imminent...

Source: Hardwarecanucks

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