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GeForce GTS 450 sipping with 789 MHz GPU clock in September

Graphics cards are still hot and especially NVIDIA are working hard to bring new models to the market. Following the launch of GeForce GTX 460 it is now preparing the first entry-level cards where the top model GTS 450 is said to appear in September.


GeForce GTS 450 will use the third Fermi GPU, GF106. Exact GPU specifications are still missing, where we most of all want to know the number of CUDA cores, but with 128-bit memory interface the GPU can use up to 1GB GDDR5 memory.

It looks like NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 will ship with a GPU clock of 789 MHz, which would make it the highest clocked card of the Fermi family. The paired GDDR5 memory will have an effective clock frequency of 3760 MHz.

GeForce GTS 450 leaked PCB drawing

The information was published at Donanimhaber, and it also says that the launch has been moved from August to September 13th. The price should be around $150 when it arrives.

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