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GeForce GTX 560 takes on Radeon HD 6950

gtx560AMD will launch its new performance cards of the Radeon HD 6900 series any day now. The flagship Radeon HD 6970 competes with NVIDIA's current top models, but to fight Radeon HD 6950 the green team has a new card coming; GeForce GTX 560.

According to a user at Asian forum Chiphell the new card will use a previously mentioned circuit, GF114. The exact specfications of NVIDIA's new GPU are unknown, but rumors are saying that GeForce GTX 560 will bring 384 CUDA cores and 820 MHz GPU. EVGA is already planning an overclocked version with 875 MHz GPU clock frequency.

The power consumption will be set at 180 watt for the reference model and according to the unconfirmed source the card matches up as follows to current models.

GTX 580 GTX 570 GTX  560
GPU GF110 GF110 GF114
Node 40nm 40nm 40nm
Shaders 512
GPU frequency
772 MHz 734 MHz 820 MHz
Performance 1.58TFLOPs 1.41TFLOPs 1.26TFLOPs
Memory type
Max. output 244W 219W 180W

The only thing we know for certain is that GeForce GTX 560 will launch early next year. That it will compete with AMD Radeon HD 6950 feels like a given, but the exact specfications remains a mystery. The theoretic performance fits well with the other cards of NVIDIA's line-up though.

Source: Chiphell

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