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MSI presents technology for getting dust off graphics cards


Dust have always been a problem inside our computers, where it increase temperatures of components and result in more noise from the harder working fans. MSI presents a new technology that it calls Dust Removal Technology for its graphics cards, that removes the dust from heatsinks on graphics cards.

Dust settles all the time in our systems and has an annoying habit of really get stuck between the fins if you don't clean them out regularly. MSI's new technology will be a solution to this problem, and it uses a very primitive solution for doing so.


According to MSI's internal tests the difference between a clean cooler and a dusty cooler can be as much as 15 degrees hotter, and a lot noisier. What the Dust Removal Tech really does is to let the fan spin in the opposite direction for 30 seconds when you start the system, which blows away the dust that has gathered from the previous session.


It is not really a problem solver since the dust is still inside the case, bu it at least keeps the heatsinks clean. These 30 second increments only apply when you boot the system, which means you will have to turn your computer on and off now and then. Something most people probably do, but is is worth pointing out.

It already has a graphics card that uses the technology, MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition, and it shouldn't take long before it appears in more models.

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