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NVIDIA 3D Vision available on YouTube


NVIDIA and Google has a close cooperation to make sure NVIDIA 3D Vision is available to NVIDIA GeForce users on YouTube. The function that is now activated makes it possible for those owning a NVIDIA graphics card and the rest of the accessories needed for 3D Vision to watch videos on YouTube in 3D.

We got the chance to listen and talk to some of the members of NVIDIA's 3D team that is behind the technology and the marketing of NVIDIA 3D Vision. Tonight at 21:00 (local time) YouTube will activate the new function it has worked together with NVIDIA to get out to the public.


There are currently 6000 videos available to watch in 3D for those of you who have a GeForce card, a monitor with 3D support and NVIDIA's 3D glasses. Besides watching you can also upload movies in 3D if you have a video camera or such that can record material in 3D. To make it more accessible to the masses it has decided to lower the price of the 3D Vision Kit from 199 dollar to 149 dollar, since 61% of the asked GeForce owners will buy, or would buy a computer with 3D functionality if the price was lower.


There a lot of cameras that can take pictures or record in 3D and we asked NVIDIA if they are assisting these companies or if they focus solely on the computer market. The reply we got was that it works with the majority of the companies that has devices for recording and taking pictures in 3D to make sure they are presented correctly with NVIDIA 3D Vision.


Acer G245HQ, 120 hz monitor built for NVIDIA 3D Vision

NVIDIA also decided to talk about 3D Vision when they got the qestion if it works with any 120 hz monitor. The answer was no and the reason for this is that NVIDIA wants to make sure that the technology works exactly the way they intended it to work, which they cant with an open solution as it could result in a subpar experience according to NVIDIA.

It will continue to work with monitor manufacturer to bring forth NVIDIA-certified monitors and today there are 18 out on the market, with more coming, but there will be a bigger market for bundled packages; 3D Vision monitors with glasses to reach as many as possible.

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