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Radeon HD 6990 posing before the camera

69907AMD's coming graphics card flagship Radeon HD 6990 has once again been caught before the camera. The pictures comes from the same event as the last report, but are high resolution and offers a better view of the coming card, dubbed Antilles sporting dual Cayman GPUs.

The graphics doesn't reveal much with the huge cooler covering everything, but the stories about 30 cm in length look true. We do see a single DVI output and four mini-DisplayPort outputs, we hope they are of specification 1.2.


From the power supply we see two physical PCIe power connectors, one with 8 pins and one with 6 pins, but the cover does have room for two 8-pin connectors.


The graphics card comes with dual graphics circuits, but if they are fully equipped Cayman XT or the stripped down Cayman Pro version is hard to say. Other questions include the amount of memory, even if we can expect a memory bus at 2x256-bit and either 2GB or more likely 4GB graphics memory.

The launch date for Radeon HD 6990 is still unknown, but when AMD shows a prototype at a press event we consider this a positive thing.





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