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TSMC provides NVIDIA and Qualcomm priority on the 28 nanometer node

Since TSMC changed the contract terms with the latest manufacturing technology, and the current lack of capacity has led many of their partners to explore other manufacturers. It has now been said that the company provides NVIDIA and Qualcomm priority on the new technology.

TSMC was taken by surprise when demand for the latest 28 nanometer technology became higher than previous generation changes. Because of this the company just has'nt enough factories ready to massproduce circuits to all their clients, which is something that has driven among others NVIDIA and Qualcomm to look for other sources. According to rumors NVIDIA should already have begun a new collaboration with Samsung, while Qualcomm expects to move big parts of their manufacturing to GlobalFoundries later this year.

In similar situations TSMC has given selected companies priority on the manufacturing technolog, something which is supposed to apply to NVIDIA and Qualcomm. For NVIDIA this is applies to their graphics circuits GK107 and GK104 which is used in their latest mobile graphics cards, the GTX 670, GTX 680 and the GTX 690 for stationary computers. For Qualcomm the biggest need for the new technology is to manufacture their Snapdragon S4 family, where the demand from smartphone manufacturers is supposed to exceed the supply with big margins.

By prioiritizing NVIDIA and Qualcomm it is expected that other players will be affected in a negative way, AMD being one of those who is in big need of the new manufacturing technology for their latest HD 7000 series of graphics cards.

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