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MjO Media Center - Building the case

Like always when building something, it's very important to carefully measure to make sure everything fits where it's supposed to fit. Mounting a prototype before assembling the final product is preferably, not just drilling the holes and filing the edges. Very often the holes get smaller than the markings and the final product might be very poorly assembled or the pieces won't fit at all.


I started by marking out the holes for the rods on the four sheets of plexi. First, carefully mark out the holes and then put all the sheets together and drill through all of them at once. Using a center punch is very recommended, because it’s very easy for the drill to wander before it starts to cut if you try drilling without a punch-mark, resulting in misplaced holes. Keep in mind that you should drill slowly and with a sharp drill, when going too fast with a dull drill the plexi is very easily cracked.

When the holes were done I wanted to fit the sheets and measure the distance between them and such. For this, I borrowed a few flowery pencils from my girlfriend that were perfect for holding up the sheets while measuring. I also marked out the DVD burner and the display hole on the front, these were later cut out with a multi tool and the edges were finished off with a file.


The next step was test mounting the radiator to see if it would fit, for you see, the pump and the PSU is going to be screwed to the board on the other side. The pump is to be fastened on a thicker piece plexi sheet that I cut out.

The DVD burner will, as I said earlier, be mounted through multiple sheets, or more exactly, through sheet number two, which is attached to sheet number one. I had to test mount this one too to see how much space it took up along with making sure that it would slide through the hole, that I made, easily. It’s also very important that everything is straight when this test mounting takes place.


The painted PSU was screwed directly to the plexi sheet, with longer screws that attach the lid. As you can see, all the holes are there, the case is built and the sheets preparing is done.

I also fitted the radio receiver, which will make sure you can communicate with the box from a distance. This radio control will be used controlling the power button on the computer, making large movements futile. The radio control will actually be the only thing that can start up the computer

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