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MjO Media Center - Optical unit

You will of course need an optical unit if you want to use Media Center 2005. With that said I recommend installing a DVD-burner, since you then can take advantage of being able to play movies, but also record and burn movies TV-shows.



I thought long and hard before I decided where to put the DVD-burner. Since the case is built from four sheets of plexiglas and will stand with the narrow end forward the unit has to be mounted through several sheets to look good. My solution was to mount it standing on the side against the front sheet of plexiglas.

My first task was to measure where to put the holes and cut these out and polish the edges. Then I had to disassemble it and remove the front, since I don't want it to show. I cut out a smaller hole in the front sheet, which the sled can slide through. A hatch was made and mounted on the unit with epoxy glue. This will make the units hatch to melt in with the front plexiglas and when you open the unit the sled will look like coming out of thin air.


When I had decided for what color theme I wanted use I couldn't use certain diodes and this of course applies to the DVD-burner as well. The small diode therefore had to be removed and switched to a blue one. I didn't have any of the same type so I had to use a regular one and mount it on the bottom of the unit, so you could see the LED through the front plexiglas.

The next step was to paint the units as the case is built from plexiglas and there won't be covering the components. At such conditions it is important to keep the inside clean and organized. The DVD-burner and the power supply was therefore pained black with a high quality polish. All water cooling components was painted blue with the same type of polish (pictures can be found later in the article).

Small brackets of plexiglas was made and screwed onto the DVD-burner. These brackets will then be glued with epoxy on to the front sheet. This makes it possible to remove the unit if you want, which wouldn't be possible otherwise. The rear of the unit will rest on the hole in sheet number two .

Since I have completely removed the front I had to solve the problem with the button that opens the unit and sends out the sled. The solution had to be a discrete at the back of the case that opens and closes the hatch. The placement makes the case a bit cooler as you won't see the hatch or button on the front and you get a good laugh when your family and friends tries to find the button for the DVD.

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