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ABIT IS7: Specifications
Mainboard chipset:
Intel 865PE (MCH) + 82801ER (ICH5R)
CPU support:

Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Socket-478, 533/800 MHz FSB

Memory support:
4xDIMM 333/400MHz DDR (MAX 4GB)
Integrated graphic circuit:
1x AGP 8X
5 x 32-bit bus master PCI
4 units, ATA 100/66/33
2x 150MB/s via the Southbridge with RAID 0 support
Realtek 10/100 LAN
6 channel AC97 Codec+S/PDIF I/O on the backpanel
FireWire (IEEE-1394):
1x on backpanel, 2x via bracket
USB 2.0:
4 external ports, 2 internal connections for 2 brackets, total up to 8 ports
~ 1300 SEK

Exactly as with IC7/IC7-G, not much is different between IS7 and IS7-G. IS7 does not have the two S-ATA RAID channels that IS7-G has and is equipped with a (probably) cheaper 10/100 NIC chipset from Realtek. No GigabitLAN here. Excluding these two mentioned points the IS7 and IS7-G are identical.

Price and Availability

The price of the IS7 is a nice story, but unfortunately it only differs a little from IC7. ABIT seems to have an identity crisis with the prices of their Canterwood-/Springdale mainboard. This will just confuse the already confused consumer. The price should be at least 100SEK cheaper. Especially these cheaper boards are very interesting since the marginal is very low.
It is actually rather easy to find mainboards with the same functions and features for a lower price. ABIT does not make matters better with their IS7-E board which is identical to IS7 except for a removed Firewire-support. This is something the majority of consumers does not utilize. When we know that IS7-E can be found for approximately 1000 SEK it will be very hard to tell you why to buy an IS7 if Firewire is not needed.
The availability is as for the IS7-G very good, the risk to be without an IS7 or any other IS7 board is almost negligible.

Accessories and Features

The package for IS7 does not differ anything from IS7-G. The same cables, two S-ATA cables with power connection, an I/O-plate, a USB/Firewire bracket (2x USB, 2xFirewire), drivers, Acrobat Reader, the monitor software Hardware Doctor, Lo-Format Utility and AwardFlash.

The differences between IS7 and IS7-G can easily be discovered buy looking at the PCB. Instead of an extra S-ATA controller there is nothing and instead of 3Coms GigabitLAN circuit we can find a Realtek 10/100 MB/s circuit. On the backpanel we'll find the sound output, S/PDIF I/O, serial- and parallel ports, PS/2, 4 USB 2.0 ports and a Firewire port. If you install the included bracket you'll get totally three Firewire ports and six USB 2.0 ports.
To sum it up, all the integrated features and the package is very good but not anything spectacular. Once more we want to mention that IS7-E which is identical with IS7 except for no Firewire support. If you can survive without Firewire the cheaper IS7-E board is a better choice. Lets take a look at the layout which ABIT usually are very good at.

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