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ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe - Benchmarks: Network & USB

To test the capacity of the built in network cards we used IPERF, it's a program that measure the transfer rate between two computers in a network. We used another computer with Gigabit LAN and used a crossover cable from that to the network outlet on the test board.

Network performance
Receiver Sender Transfer rate
nVidia NIC Marvell Yukon 870MBit/s
Marvell Yukon nVidia NIC 840MBit/s

Unfortunately we didn't have access to a network card that is verified to really handle 1GBit/s, but at least we can determine the transfer rate with these.

USB performance
Placement Transfer rate
Rear connections 16MB/s
Internal connections 16MB/s

This test was performed by using a USB-memory from Corsair that was connected to both USB connections on the motherboard and then tested the transfer rate in SiSoft Sandra. There were no problems with any of the connections reaching maximal transfer rates to the USB memory, which is the limiting factor in this test. 16MB/s correspond to 128Mbit/s which shows that the board is guaranteed to work according to the USB 2.0 specifications.

Let's move on to processor and memory tests.

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