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EPoX 8RDA+ - Specifications

EPoX 8RDA+: Specifications
Motherboard chip :
Processor support:
Duron/Athlon XP Socket-462, 200/266/333MHz FSB
Memory support:
3GB, 200/266/333/DDR400MHz DDR
1x AGP 8X
6 x 32-bit bus master PCI
4 units, ATA 100/66/33
Network circuit:
Realtek RTL8201BL 10/100Mbit (nForce2 LAN)
Sound circuit :
Realtek ALC650 Controller (nForce2 APU)
FireWire (IEEE-1394):
Realtek RTL8801B PHY (MCP-T MAC)
USB 2.0:
4 ports in I/O panel (NVIDIA MCP-T)

Aswe can see in the specifications EPoX 8RDA+ isn't the best equipped motherboard on the market. The card does neither have a usual ATA133 RAID-controller nor a SATA-controller as we for example saw on the Chaintech 7NJS Zenith. However the nForce2 chipset offers many interesting features which the motherboard manufacturers very easily could make use of. Before we go on with more information about the card's accessories and features we will look closer at the price for EPoX 8RDA+.

Price and Accessibility

EPoX has for a long time been a great actor on the enthusiast market and has also acquired a big network of retailers. The accessibility isn't a problem for EPoX and that goes for 8RDA+ too. We have heard from EPoX that the motherboard has sold very well and that the stocks are even empty from time to time but luckily that hasn't been any greater problem.
Concerning the price EPoX 8RDA+ has been very well placed and for the moment the card has a price of about $100 which clearly is competitive. If you can manage without 6-channel sound, LAN and firewire the cheaper 8RDA-model fits the bill. But this model only costs about $10 less than 8RDA+ so we see no point in not buying EPoX 8RDA+ if you've decided to buy an nForce2 board from EPoX.
$100 is a very good price for EPoX 8RDA+ but it is possible to get a nForce2 motherboard for about $80 so it's not the cheapest one out there.

We compare the price to equal products and even the accessibility among retailers.

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