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EPoX 8RDA+ - Winace 2.20: File compression

File compression is one of the more usual jobs the computer gets to carry out and it is a very memory demanding application.

Here it's not only about memory bandwidth but also much about latency. The problems with asynchronous bus speeds between memory and processor has often been related to latency problems which our tests strengthen. Apart from the fact that EPoX 8RDA+ with DualDDR266 is equal to Soyo KT400, we see that the SC DDR400-system for the first time gets behind the SC DDR266-system despite it's massive overweight in memory bandwidth.

Audioactive Production Studio v2.04j - MP3 encoding (Fraunhofer II codec)

We have switched our testing program for MP3-encodning and now use Audioactive Production Studio which is based on the Fraunhofer II-codec, a very demanding codec which after all gives a good result.

MP3-encodning is in a very large extent depending on the CPU which we clearly see in the results. In spite of the fact that the tests went on for almost five minutes not even a second differs between the different configurations.

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