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i845PE Roundup - Compression tests

File compression mainly depends on the memory bandwidth and because every motherboard is build around the same chipset, the memory management is quite the same. Because of this we can not expect any large differences which is proven by the test results. Alioth PE takes the lead, BH7 comes second and there after follows Albatron and at last Shuttle. In the next test a 284MB wave file is encoded to MP3 format and of course it is measured by time.

MP3 encoding (Fraunhofer II codec)

Because of MP3 encoding being almost only dependent of the CPU we should not expect any large differences here either. Surprisingly enough Shuttle differs from the rest and takes the lead. Alioth PE falls back and places itself behind the steady second place champion BH7. Now to the tests which are most interesting, the game tests, where we have the possibility to see how ridiculous many Quake3 fps the todays computer are able to render.

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  1. i845PE Roundup
  2. ABIT BH7: Price and Accessories
  3. ABIT BH7: Layout
  4. ABIT BH7: BIOS and Overclocking
  5. Albatron PX845PEV-800: Price and accessories
  6. Albatron PX845PEV-800: Layout
  7. Albatron PX845PEV-800: BIOS and Overclocking
  8. Shuttle AB48N: Price and Accessories
  9. Shuttle AB48N: Layout
  10. Shuttle AB48N: BIOS and Overclocking
  11. Jetway Alioth PE: Price and accessories
  12. Jetway Alioth PE: Layout
  13. Jetway Alioth PE: BIOS and overclocking
  14. Test system
  15. Memory tests
  16. Compression tests - Du är här
  17. Game tests
  18. Advanced 3D tests
  19. Overclocking: Benchmarks
  20. Conclusion

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