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i845PE Roundup - Game tests

Our first game test in this review is as usual the classic Quake 3. Because of todays standards the game is not considered graphic intensive, so the processor and memory bandwhidth becomes the bottle necks. The Jetway and Abit boards fights on the top but the Albatron board is right behind them. The Shuttle board is a bit behind.

Game test number two is Unreal Tournament 2003 and the previous results repeats themselves here with a little difference. Shuttle's AB48N is not longer satisfied with placing last and pasts Albatron.

Test demo

The margins decrease even further in the Comanche demo. There is not even a whole MHz between the boards here. The Albatron board makes a turnover and takes the first place by a minimal margin.

Jetway is again at the top followed by BH7. Albatron leaves Shuttle behind which is left under the 12500 limit. Now when we are finished with the game tests, we come into more advanced tests of workstation caliber.

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  1. i845PE Roundup
  2. ABIT BH7: Price and Accessories
  3. ABIT BH7: Layout
  4. ABIT BH7: BIOS and Overclocking
  5. Albatron PX845PEV-800: Price and accessories
  6. Albatron PX845PEV-800: Layout
  7. Albatron PX845PEV-800: BIOS and Overclocking
  8. Shuttle AB48N: Price and Accessories
  9. Shuttle AB48N: Layout
  10. Shuttle AB48N: BIOS and Overclocking
  11. Jetway Alioth PE: Price and accessories
  12. Jetway Alioth PE: Layout
  13. Jetway Alioth PE: BIOS and overclocking
  14. Test system
  15. Memory tests
  16. Compression tests
  17. Game tests - Du är här
  18. Advanced 3D tests
  19. Overclocking: Benchmarks
  20. Conclusion

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