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i875P Roundup - DFI Lanparty Pro875: Layout

DFI's mainboard is also manufactured on a black PCB but to enhance its aesthetic qualities they have colored all its larger contacts orange. I personally though it looked nice, however Undac for example though it looked hideous.

The holder is located pretty good so there's alot of space around it on all sides, except above it where there are a bunch of capacitors. However this should not be a problem. The 12V contact is located exactly as on the ABIT board. Not much to criticize there. The ATX contact is located next to the corner besides the DIMM places. This is good because now the large ATX cable can't do that much harm.

The northbridge on the board doesn't have an active cooler, instead it has a rather large passive heatsink. This is more than enough however it may affect the overclocking. The southbridge is exactly as on the ABIT ICH5R and therefore it supports SATA RAID0.



As for the AGP places and the memory banks we can easily establish that there is nothing to complain on.
Here we have plenty of space even for the largest graphic cards. DFIs AGP lock separates itself from the ones we are used to. Personally I think that DFIs alternative is better although AGP locks are generally troublesome.

On the picture in the middle we se the connections to the S-ATA ports, the floppy contact and the two IDE channels which is run be Highpoints 372N RAID controller. This controller is somewhat different compared to to RAID0, RAID0+1 and RAID1 since it has support for RAID1.5 which is equivalent to RAID0+1 but with only two harddrives instead of four.

DFI has probably glanced a little on ABITs MAX mainboard when they designed the Lanparty board. For instance it also has Power and Reset switches mounted directly on the PCB .Something we reviewers and of course fault-localizers will have most use of.
If you haven't had enough of all the integrated features one can build the system further since DFI gives us five PCI places to fill. On the I/O-panel there are the normal ports; USB, LAN, PS/2 and so on. No ports for Firewire though. How they could skip ports for Firewire on a so otherwise complete system is a riddle for me. Oh well, time to summarize everything.

What can I say? The layout on DFI Lanparty is really really good. It is in the same class as ABIT, so the grade should be the same right?

We have considered the physical but also the esthetical aspects of the board's design. User-friendliness is also an important factor.

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