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i875P Roundup - DFI Lanparty Pro875: Price and Accessories

DFI Lanparty Pro875: Specifications
Motherboard chipset :
Intel 875P (MCH) + 82801ER (ICH5R)
Processor support :
Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Socket-478, 533/667/800 MHz FSB
Memory support:
4xDIMM 333/400MHz DDR (MAX 4GB)
Integrated graphics circuit:
1x AGP 8X
5 x 32-bit bus master PCI
IDE controller:
4 units, ATA 100/66/33
RAID controller:
HighPoint 372N RAID controller, support for RAID0, 0+1,1 and 1.5
SATA controller:
2 x S-ATA via southbridge, support for RAID0
Networks circuit :
Intel GigabitLAN
Audio circuit :
6 channel integrated via southbridge, S/PDIF bracket included
FireWire (IEEE-1394):
USB 2.0:
4 ports on the backpanel + 2 ports via FrontX panel, possibility to get 2 extra port with an extra bracket
~ 2200 SEK (Exchange rates)

The third motherboard comes from the manufacturer DFI, which has provided us with a board from their Lanparty series. The concept of Lanparty signifies, precisely as the name indicates, that the boards are meant to be desirable for consumers who likes to show off their computers at LANs or other events. To attain this, a vast amount of effort has been put on the design and accessories. We'll get back to this later. Our motherboard is DFI's Lanparty board for Intel processors, but the company is also offering boards intended for AMD CPUs (among other things based on the KT400A chipset). Regarding the specifications, they don't differ much from ABIT's IC7-G. The main divergence is that DFI is equipped with a P-ATA RAID controller. This is nothing new and we've seen it many times before, but this time the controller is somewhat special since it supports RAID1.5. This function allows an imitation of RAID0+1 with only two harddrives, which otherwise requires four (of which two of the disks are backing up what is written on the disks in the RAID0 array). So what does a Lanparty motherboard cost compared to other Canterwood boards?

Price and Accessibility

The price tag on DFI's Lanparty is somewhat higher than for ABIT's IC7-G. This gives the board a terribly high price, but if you're looking for a true flagship with Intel's GigabitLAN and a maximum of features, you have to be prepared to pay for it too. The availability for DFI's Lanparty boards is really good and all the Swedish retailers have it in stock. The grade gets a tad lower than for ABIT's IC7-G because of the relatively big difference in price.

We compare price with equal products and also accessibility among retailers.


Accessories and features

As the name indicates, the intended buyers are habitual LAN visitors and modding enthusiasts, which is clearly visible by judging from the bundled accessories. The fact that the board is delivered with a whopping amount of extras is concluded already on the size of the box. When opened up, we can see that DFI cared to present the accessories in a tasteful and practical manner. Just like with ABIT, everything is nicely wrapped up in separate boxes. The software is slightly more extensive than with ABIT though; In addition to necessary drivers, fullversions of InterVideo Wincinema (WinDVD+WinRip), MacAffe Virusscan and Winbond Hardware Monitor can be found along with a compact disc with a small press kit. On the image of the CDs, a Lanparty sticker and a case badge are also observable.

Prim and proper

Manual etc.

Cords and brackets

In terms of cables, there are a lot of them enclosed with the Lanparty package. We are given two S-ATA cables with belonging power cords, one S/PDIF bracket, one gameport bracket, 2 pcs of rounded ATA133 cables, which reacts on UV light and at last a 5.25" front panel with connectors for headphones, microphone and two extra USB ports. The greatest surprise was probably the enclosed sling which makes carrying around the computer a breeze. I have one myself, although from the GearGrip manufacturer (the two products are exactly the same) and I have to admit that it has made all transports of the computer much easier, particularly since my case is about the largest you can find these days.

Rounded UV cables

FrontX panel

Carrying case

The FrontX panel is also a nice affair with all of its features, but unfortunately it isn't very appreciably attractive aesthetically. The rounded cables on the other hand are both functional and good-looking and we praise DFI for their choice of including two IDE cables instead of one, like ABIT. To conclude, we give you a wealth of photos of how the board is looking in UV light. Thank God these pictures already were included on the PR CD-ROM, so I won't have to take pains by photographing this beauty myself

Regarding features and accessories, DFI has really managed to patch together a smashing package. Not only is it very extensive, but above all, everything's presented in such a tasteful way. Along with a fairly large window and some UV lightning, the Lanparty board will spruce up any super-modded case. Physical accessories come in abundance and we have everything we'd like, and a tad more. If we really are to find any flaws, we find the lack of a P-ATA->S-ATA converter disappointing. The hardware features that the board is offering are great and far from few. The fact that the board has been equipped with an extra P-ATA RAID controller comes in handy for those who still have a lot of P-ATA units. The RAID 1.5 function is also an extremely nice bonus. However, DFI's board lacks Firewire, which is a pity on otherwise such a complete package. Except for the lack of Firewire and the P-ATA->S-ATA converter, this packages is still by far the most impressive we've seen in a long time. The integrated features aboard the board are also terribly good and almost perfect.

We look at the amount and usability for integrated features and enclosed accessories.

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