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i875P Roundup - Gigabyte GA-8IK1100: Layout

The marked soldering points indicates that there is indeed planned space for components not included in this rather unequipped version. These are to come in two other versions.

Located the upper end of the mainboard, the socket has plenty of space. The surrounding capacitators are few and not in the way. As with many other cards though, the 12V contact is located far from where we want it. Are whiny reviewers the only ones who are disturbed by this? To move onward to the six DIMM-slots, whose massive number of slots can only be used in special memory combination, and as such not often will more than four of these slots be used.

The northbridge is fixed with a not too noisy active fan. Below it we find the blue wonder i875p. Just like other manufacturers, Gigabyte has chosen to equip their board with a AGP-pro slot, also making the board suitable as a workstation as more professional 3d-cards can then be installed.

The distance between the AGP-slot and the DIMM-slots is adequate, even if a few millimetres more would have been nice. We find the S-ATA ports in the lower right corner together with a few soldering points. These indicate where more integrated circuits will be placed on the more luxurious versions of the board.

The board is equipped with the usual 5 PCI-slots. Some more unusual though is that the board is equipped with dual BIOS, something Gigabyte has been more or less the only ones to deliver as of yet. If something would happen during the flashing of the ordinary BIOS, one could boot with the back-up BIOS and try to fix the regular one. A very welcome function for those of us BIOS-flashers. It is together with the dual BIOS where we find the internal USB and FireWire contacts.

8IK1100 has a very good layout. One can only find a few small flaws causing irritation which we believes Gigabyte could easily fix, and we hope they will listen to us when it comes to this.

We take a look at the physical but also aesthetical design. User friendliness is an important factor.

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