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Intel P45 Eaglelake Roundup - Intel P45 and ICH10R

Over the last few years Intel has shown us that they can make a great chipset, and not it is time for the P series to shine. On this page we will discuss the Intel P45 and its southbridge ICH10R in depth.

Intel P45 is not a revolution over P35, but there are some exciting new things. Among other things, this is the first chipset Intel produces at 65nm, as opposed to P35, X38 and X48 that are all made at the 90nm node. This should result in lower power consumption, and a cooler chip. Of course, P45 brings support for all Core 2 Duo, Quad and Extreme processors with the exception QX9770 running on 400MHz FSB. Intel X48 is the only Intel chipset that supports this processor. P45 also adds support for either 8GB DDR3 memory or 16GB of DDR2 memory. In other news, the P-series now has PCIe 2.0 support and the chipset in itself can do either 16x bandwidth with one card or 2 * 8x bandwidth if you want to run CrossFire. This is a very welcomed addition since P35 used a 16-4 combination, which truly crippled the second graphics card in CrossFire configurations.

If we proceed to ICH10R it sports 12 USB 2.0 ports, 6 SATA ports, eSATA and 6 PCIe 1x lanes. In other words, there hasn't been that many updates here. However, Intel has introduced something called "User Pinning" which is an addition to Intel's Turbo Memory technology. This allows the user to specify what type of data that must be in the Turbo Memory cache, for example, if you use Photoshop a lot, you can make sure that it is ready in the cache all the time, which will result in faster load times for the application.

We begin with Asus P5Q.

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