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Creative Gigaworks S750 - Conclusion

Time to finish this review of a speaker system which many people are longing for. Now the question on everyone's lips is how this set performs in comparison to other manufacturers's systems and here is where the opinions may differ. Today you don't have many choices if you want a powerful 7.1-configuration so then this is the obvious choice.

I am aware of that some will point to the fact that this system only offers analog connection and doesn't include it's own Dolby Digital Decoder and therefore thinks that Logitech Z-680 suits them better. There is however an external decoder (DDTS-100, which we will review it here at NordicHardware) you can buy to complete the Gigaworks System. You can even use it together with other products that may lack the possibility to connect directly to speaker systems.

To conclude the systems performance I can honestly say that the satellite speakers that comes with Gigaworks S750 plays better than all older versions of Megaworks and even better than 560 and Z-680. By better I just don't mean the sound quality but also louder with lower distortion. As a matter of fact you can actually turn the amplifier up full and still get a clear, crisp sound from the satellites, without it starting to sound bad. Creative also manages to separate the treble from the middle register so you keep the dynamic sound even when you push the speakers. Satellite speakers with 2-way configuration has an good advantage compared to those with only one. Just remember what you listen to. A bad mp3 doesn't sound good just because the speakers are good.

My opinion of the subwoofer is that I was very satisfied with the one that came with Megaworks 550THX, so I was a little skeptic to it being too powerful and uncontrolled before I made the test. Despite the increase in performance by raising the volume 30% they have managed to control it reasonably and the fine tunings are easily done by yourself with your sound card. Without any tunings it can have a tendency to take over a little to much, though not nearly as much as the subwoofer in Z-680 does. If you want you could make the drying dishes in the kitchen fall down even though you're in the room next to it. Trust me, I know.

Obviously this system costs some, even though not as much as Creative suggested it's still allot of money. I think you should have in mind that it's a speaker system for the computer and the home cinema and not just "computer speakers". If you just want a couple of speakers to play music on maybe you should pick a cheaper alternative.

I ultimately choose to award this product "Editor's Choice" for the simple reason that I will buy this system myself.

Creative Gigaworks S750

+ High quality satellites
+ Remote control
+ Very good all round subwoofer
+ Powerful

- The price
- Digital volume control with long steps

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