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Ultrabooks development promises much lower prices next year

Intel has been meeting with all major system builders and discussed the coming Haswell architecture. At the launch of Haswell for ultrabooks next year, the notebook category is expected to reach new, lower, prices to make them a more interseting alternative to the mainstream users.

Ultrabooks are still priced too high to be a serious alternative to most users. Part of this is because Intel refuses to lower prices of Ivy Bridge with bundled chipsets, but also other components that are required to build ultrathin computers that are still relatively expensive. Intel and its manufacturing partners expect this to change when Haswell comes along.

We have earlier written about how Intel is trying to drive down costs on everything from chassis to batteries, but also Haswell will contribute wo lower prices. Haswell will use a SoC-like (System-on-a-Chip) design, where the chipset is integrated into the same package as the processor. This will allow for thinner and lighter ultrabooks and the lower energy consumption will lower the cooling requirements. Energy consumption during idle has been reduced twenty-fold from today.

Integrated southbridge enables smaller motherboards and thus more compact computers

Intel has no plans to lower prices of the actual processor, which together with the Windows 8 license costs will make it hard for system builders to compete with Apple Macbook Air, which runs the own operating system Mac OS X.

The launch of Haswell is slated for the first half of next year. During August the same year Intel expects a new way of ultrabooks will arrive before the lucrative school start. Besides the current 11" and 13" models thare the most common, both 14" and 15" models are expected to become more common and help boost popularity among regular users.

Source: DigiTimes

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